How to block light from windows in 9 Best ways

how to block light from windows

How to block light from windows effectively can be tricky. Finding the right window covering solution to completely block out unwanted light is necessary for proper rest and privacy.

Discovering which window covering approach will totally screen out daytime’s glow is critical for optimum rest and seclusion. Here, I will show you some best ways to Block light from the windows.

Here are the 9 ways for how to block light from windows:

Window Coverings

The right window covering is key to fully blocking unwanted light. Various window treatments like curtains, blinds, and shades allow effective control over how much sunlight enters. 

how to block light from windows

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Drawing heavy fabrics, lowering tightly woven blinds, or pulling blackout shades can all help screen out daylight for complete darkness. Window coverings are a straightforward and affordable solution to “How to block light from windows” when a darker environment is needed.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains effectively block light from entering windows by using a dense fabric designed to absorb light rays rather than letting them pass through. The thick, opaque material of blackout curtains does an excellent job of preventing both natural and artificial light sources outside from shining into a room, creating a dark space ideal for sleeping or other low-light activities.

how to block light from windows

Window Film

Window Film is a thin, adhesive material that can be applied directly to the glass surface. The film is designed to reduce the amount of light passing through the window, thereby providing privacy and reducing glare. It works by selectively filtering and absorbing the incoming sunlight, which helps to block harmful UV rays and reduce heat transmission.Simply measure and cut the film to fit the window dimensions.

how to block light from windows

Window Shutters

By closing the horizontal or vertical slats of the window shutters, they prevent sunlight from entering the room through the glass. Window shutters are a versatile decor item that also help block light when needed.By sliding the slats of the shutters closed, they can fully cover the glass to diminish harsh sunlight. 

how to block light from windows

Window Shades

By simply lowering the shade, window shades cover the entire window and prevent both natural and artificial light from coming into the room. Various shade materials like fabric or wood blinds of different densities can be used to control the amount of light blocked as needed.

how to block light from windows

Window Treatments

Window treatments like curtains, blinds, and shades are very effective at blocking light from coming through windows. They work by providing coverage over the entire window, which prevents sunlight and other light sources from penetrating into the room. 

Choosing the right type of window treatment based on your needs is important for effectively blocking undesirable light.


By installing firm fitting foam, rubber or vinyl strips around the entire window frame, it creates a tight seal that prevents light from entering through any gaps on the sides or top/bottom of the window. The weatherstripping acts as a light barrier and insulation to keep outside light from coming into the room through the window opening.

Window Seals

When window seals are properly installed and form a tight, compressed fit within the window frame, they prevent any gaps that would allow outside light to penetrate into the room. By creating an air and watertight barrier around the entire window, seals act as a light barrier to block light from coming through the edges of the window opening.

how to block light from windows

Window Panels or Boards

By placing opaque panels on the inside of windows, they act as a physical barrier that stops light from passing through the glass. The panels fit tightly inside the window frame and can be attached with clips or seals to fully cover the window opening and prevent any light infiltration.

how to block light from windows


I have mentioned above How to block light from windows in 9 best ways. 

Window coverings such as curtains, blinds, and shades can provide complete coverage over the window opening to prevent light infiltration. 

Materials like blackout curtains or tightly woven fabrics do an especially good job of absorbing light rays. 

Window films and shutters also create barriers that stop light transmission through the glass. 

Additionally, sealing any gaps around the window frame with weatherstripping or specialized window seals helps block light from entering through the sides or top/bottom of the window frame. 

Whether using a reversible window treatment or more permanent solutions, finding the right approach tailored to individual needs allows for completely blocking out light intrusion from outside.With some of these methods you can find how to block light from windows.


How do you completely block out a window light?

Install blackout curtains or blinds and ensure they are properly fitted and closed to completely block out window light.

What can I use to block sunlight from windows?

To block sunlight from windows, you can use Window Shades, blackout curtains, blinds, or window films designed to reduce or block incoming light.

How do you blackout windows cheaply?

To blackout windows cheaply, you can use blackout curtains or liners, or alternatively, apply blackout window film to achieve a similar effect at a lower cost.

How do you block lights on windows without curtains?

To block light on windows without curtains, you can use adhesive window film, temporary blackout blinds, or apply removable blackout fabric directly on the glass surface. Another option is using privacy window decals or tinting film, which can reduce light transmission.

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