How to block light from top of curtains in 5 Best ways

How to block light from top of curtains

How to block light from top of curtains can be challenging as light tends to seep in from the small gaps near the ceiling. This lets in not only light but also reduces the effectiveness of the curtains. However, with the right techniques, you can ensure complete blackout and keep the privacy intact. Some simple and inexpensive solutions include using curtain toppers, valances or self-adhesive tapes to cover the top area.

 Light seeping in from the top can often disturb your sleep as your body’s natural circadian rhythm requires complete darkness to wind down at night.

5 ways for how to block light from the top of curtains :

Blackout curtains or liner

Blackout curtains and liners specifically help block the light that enters from above the curtains very effectively. Being made from ultra thick, dense fabrics, they prevent any transmission of light particles through the material. The densely woven structure does not allow even tiny amounts of light to pass through. This makes blackout curtains or liners one of the best ways of how to block light from top of curtains and keep rooms dark.

How to block light from top of curtains

The tight weaves and specialized materials used in blackout curtains or liners ensure that light hitting the fabric does not bounce back in or penetrate through in any form. Instead, it gets absorbed entirely within the dense layers. This is a highly important mechanism through which blackout window treatments function. They eliminate light gaps at the top of curtains by forming an impenetrable barrier that no light ray can infiltrate through. Installing a blackout material above regular curtains creates a double layer blockade against invading light.

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Curtain toppers

Curtain toppers are an economical and effective way of blocking light that enters from above curtains. They are specialty pieces of thick fabric designed to how to block light from top of curtains. Curtain toppers attach easily along the heading track of existing curtains, covering the top gap near the ceiling.

How to block light from top of curtains

Install a valance or pelmet

A valance or pelmet is an effective way of how to block light from top of curtains without using additional materials. Installing one of these decorative window pieces above the curtain rod seals the small gap along the upper window frame. A valance is a decorative border that extends from the rod to the ceiling and covers the entire span. 

How to block light from top of curtains

Similarly, a pelmet is a box-like covering fixed above the window. By securing an opaquely finished valance or pelmet, one creates a barrier that completely blocks the entry of any stray light rays from above the curtains. The solid surface of the valance or pelmet ensures no light can creep through this upper area.

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Apply self-adhesive tape

Using self-adhesive tapes is a simple and inexpensive way to how to block light from top of curtains. Specialty double-sided curtain mounting tapes or Velcro tabs can be applied along the upper heading of existing curtains where they meet the wall or window trim. 

These adhesive solutions create an instant light-tight seal along the entire top perimeter by bonding the thick curtain fabric directly to the solid surface above. The self-stick adhesives fill in any small crevices that might otherwise allow entry of stray light rays. Once applied, these tapes prevent light from penetrating down through the tiniest slit or gap at the top of curtains.

Install a blackout roller

For a highly effective way to completely block light infiltration from above curtains, consider installing a blackout roller shade. These specialized shades labeled as ‘blackout’ allow how to block light from top of curtains with maximum efficiency. They mount above existing curtains in the same manner as typical Roman shades. 

When unrolling the blind, it forms a dense opaque barrier along the entire window frame that no light can penetrate through. Due to their thick triple-weave fabrics and enclosed slat designs, blackout rollers absorb all rays of light before they even reach the curtains below. This dual layer blockade prevents light from shining through even the tiniest cracks or seams near the top.

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The most foolproof method is to install blackout curtains or liners, made from thick, dense fabric that does not allow any light to pass through. Their tight weave structure forms an impenetrable barrier against light.

Curtain toppers are also a good option – they simply attach above existing curtains to cover the gap. Valances or pelmets act similarly by sealing the space between curtains and the ceiling with an opaque surface.

For a simple DIY solution, self-adhesive tapes can be used to bond curtain fabric directly to the wall or trim above, blocking light leaks.

A blackout roller shade mounted above curtains provides double protection against light. Their thick, triple-weave fabrics and enclosed designs ensure no stray rays get through.

Blocking light that enters from the top is important for complete darkness and better sleep. Choosing from these techniques will allow you to effectively keep rooms dark while maintaining privacy through your curtains

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