What Happens If You Don’t Replace Windows?

Have you taken a close look at the windows in your home lately? If they’re more than 20 years old or original to the house, upgrading to new windows could make your home more comfortable and save money on energy bills. But many homeowners in Phoenix put off replacing outdated windows due to the upfront investment. Trust me, I get it Replace Windows ain’t cheap!

However, sticking with those old drafty single pane windows can lead to bigger problems down the road. So, continue reading as we explore why replacing worn-out windows now can prevent headaches, damage and energy waste later on.

Cons of not replacing window

Windows deteriorate over time

Windows are an essential part of any home, but they don’t last forever. Over time, the effects of weather, sun, temperature changes, moisture, and normal wear and tear cause windows to deteriorate. Old, worn out windows become less efficient, less secure, and less attractive looking.

As windows age, the seals around the glass can begin to fail, allowing air and water to seep through. The glass itself can form micro-cracks, and the window frame and sashes can start to rot, warp, and crack. Old metal windows may begin to corrode. Without proper maintenance and replacements when needed, window deterioration will only get worse over time.

Energy efficiency declines

One of the biggest downsides of deteriorated windows is the major decline in energy efficiency. Gaps and leaks around old windows allow hot air to escape during winter and cold air to enter during summer. This can greatly increase heating and cooling costs, as your HVAC system works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, old single-pane windows can lose 10 times more heat than new dual-pane Energy Star rated windows. Newer window designs incorporate advanced framing, glazing, weatherstripping, and other features that keep homes significantly more comfortable and energy-efficient. Replacing inefficient windows provides an excellent return on investment through energy savings.

Drafts and leaks increase

As the seals around window frames and sashes break down, you may begin to notice annoying drafts in your home. These drafts are caused by gaps that allow inside air to escape and outside air to infiltrate. Drafts can make your rooms feel drafty and cold in the winter, no matter how high you crank the heat.

In the summer, drafts let in hot outdoor air that your air conditioner then has to work overtime to cool back down. Drafts near windows may also make your blinds clatter around noisily. These annoying leaks demonstrate that your old windows have lost their seal and need to be replaced. New windows are tightly sealed and can eliminate troublesome drafts.

Noise enters the home

Old windows do a poor job of insulating your home from outside noises. As the seals fail around aging windows, noises from traffic, neighbors, construction sites, and other sources can easily travel through gaps into your living spaces. Newer dual-pane windows provide excellent noise reduction for a peaceful environment.

Replacing outdated single-pane windows with dual or triple-pane windows can cut outdoor noise penetration by up to 50%. This allows you to sleep easier and concentrate better without bothersome noises disturbing you. If you live on a busy street or near an airport, new windows can make a huge difference in reducing noise pollution indoors.

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Replacement value goes down

Putting off needed window replacements causes their value to depreciate significantly. If you eventually decide to sell the home, potential buyers will notice the deteriorated windows and factor their aging condition into negotiations. Outdated windows and patio doors can hurt resale value by $20,000 to $30,000, according to real estate experts.

Additionally, worn out windows turn into major eyesores with their cracked glass, peeling seals, splintered wood, and corroded frames. Replacing them before serious aesthetic damage occurs helps maintain the home’s curb appeal and value. Newer replacement windows can even enhance the home’s value by providing modern aesthetics and energy-efficient features.

Overall comfort decreases

All these drawbacks of neglected window deterioration add up to a major decrease in comfort. Drafts, leaks, noise, and temperature fluctuations make rooms feels cold and drafty in winter and hot and stuffy in summer. Hazardous mold growth also impacts air quality and comfort levels.

Outdated windows simply can’t provide the insulation, noise reduction, security, and aesthetic appeal of newer window models. Don’t wait until your home’s comfort goes into serious decline. Be proactive about identifying windows that need replacement and budgeting for this important home upgrade.

Signs You Need New Windows

How do you know if your windows need replacement? Watch for these common signs:


If you feel air passing through closed windows, it’s time for an upgrade. Drafts waste energy and make your home feel drafty.


Foggy windows that drip with moisture indicate heat loss and air leaks. Properly installed replacement windows won’t have these issues.

High energy bills

If your heating and cooling costs seem higher than they should be for your home’s size, poor windows may be to blame. New energy efficient models can help lower bills.

Rotting frames

Wood and metal window frames eventually succumb to water damage and rot. Cracked, warped or decaying frames hurt efficiency and need replacement.

Security concerns

Older windows are easier to force open. Modern windows offer stronger materials, paned glass, advanced locking systems and other security upgrades.

Types of Replacement Windows

Today’s windows offer attractive options to fit your home. So, if you are ready to take the bold step of replacing your window, consider the following type of window


This is affordable, durable and never needs painting. Vinyl comes in white or custom colors and handles weather extremes well.


Wood offers a classic, timeless look. Options like pine and oak bring natural beauty. Expect to repaint wood windows every few years.


Sleek aluminum provides modern aesthetics and narrow, unobtrusive framing. Aluminum needs minor upkeep and holds up well.


Composite blends materials like vinyl, wood and aluminum for customized aesthetics, performance and cost. Durability is excellent.

#1 Trusted Window Experts

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