Lawn Love, Discover the Joy of a Robot Lawn Mower

A beautiful, lush, green Robot lawn mower is the dream of many homeowners. However, keeping up with lawn maintenance can be mind-numbing, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Mowing the lawn weekly, aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, watering, and more all take time and effort. What if much of the lawn care could be automated? Enter robot lawnmowers.

Robot lawn mowers take the work out of cutting the grass, so you can enjoy more leisure time. Once set up, they quietly and efficiently roam your yard on schedules you determine, keeping the grass neatly trimmed. Brands like Husqvarna, Worx, and Honda offer high-tech, autonomous mowers loaded with features.

Benefits of Owning a Robot Lawn Mower

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of having an automated mower. After initial installation, very little effort is required beyond emptying the clipping basket and occasional maintenance. No more sweating in the summer heat pushing a heavy gas or electric mower.

Robot mowers are designed to operate safely and quietly, so they won’t disturb you or your neighbors. Models from reputable brands are equipped with sensors, alarm systems, and even password protection. Some notify you via smartphone app if they encounter obstacles or leave the perimeter.

These mowers are eco-friendly, using electricity rather than gas. Solar-powered options are also available. Because they clip grass frequently instead of cutting it all at once, the clippings are tiny and biodegrade quickly. No bagging or raking is required.

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Healthier Lawns, Peaceful Yards

Over time, robot mowers can help improve your lawn’s health. Their frequent, gentle trimming encourages thick, dense turf that crowds out weeds. The grass stays greener and lusher. Some homeowners see a reduction in pests like ticks and fleas as well.

Most robot lawnmowers are relatively quiet, at around 60–70 decibels. For comparison, a normal conversation is about 60 dB, and a gas mower is 95–100 dB. Some models offer modes to restrict mowing to daytime hours.

Robot Mowers in Action

Robot mowers are designed to handle tough terrain and varying conditions. Their low profile allows access under bushes and trees. Wheels or tank-style treads provide traction on slopes and hills. Adjustable blades turn clippings into natural fertilizer.

When shopping, consider smart features that allow monitoring, scheduling, adjusting cutting height, and more through a mobile app. Advanced obstacle detection, rain sensors, and anti-theft protection are also useful upgrades.

Choosing the Right Robot Lawn Mower

With many brands and models on the market, it’s important to consider your needs and lawn specifics when choosing a robot mower.

Lawn Size

Capacity is key. Measure your lawn’s square footage and look for a mower suited to that size. Typically, mowers can handle 0.25 to 1.25 acres. The runtime ranges from 60 to 270 minutes. For larger or more complex landscapes, a high-end model offers greater capacity.

Slope Grade

Mowers differ in their ability to handle hills and slopes. Check the maximum incline the mower can safely maneuver – commonly 15° to 30° grades. More expensive models have higher slope capacity. For steep sections, a manual or push mower may still be required.

Grass Type

Robot mowers work well on most common grass types. Look for higher blade power if your lawn is thick or coarse. Adjustable blades allow for for customizing the cut height for the grass. Heavy-duty treads provide traction on slippery grasses like St. Augustine.

Special Features

Consider smart features like scheduling, app access, multi-zone coverage, and voice control. Advanced obstacle detection, anti-collision sensors, and anti-theft alarms boost safety and security. Upgraded batteries extend runtime. Choose features that best suit your needs and budget.


While not cheap, robot mowers are a long-term investment in convenience. Expect to spend $999 to $4,000+ depending on features and capacity. Additional costs include installation and periodic maintenance. Compare warranties – look for at least 2 to 3 years of coverage.

Top Brands

Leading brands known for performance and durability include Husqvarna, Worx, Honda, and Robomow.

Husqvarna offers a full range of smart, automated mowers for residential and commercial use. Top-end models like the Husqvarna 435X AWD Pro handle large, complex landscapes and steep hills.

Worx sells popular, affordable options like the fully-featured Worx Landroid M robotic mower line. These mowers integrate with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Honda Miimo mowers boast advanced sensory technology, quiet operation, and great cutting quality. They integrate with IFTTT for smart home connectivity.

Robomow specializes in safe, efficient robot mowers like the RS635 Pro SV. It uses military-grade GPS navigation for superb maneuverability.

Installing Your Robot Mower

While self-installation is possible, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper setup. A technician will assess your lawn, install the boundary wire that guides the mower, connect components, test the operation and show you how to use the mower.

Here are the basic steps to install a robot mower:

  1. Lay out the boundary wire around the lawn perimeter and any off-limit areas according to manufacturer guidelines. Stake or bury the wire.
  2. Connect the power supply station and fasten it down securely. Place it near an outdoor electrical outlet.
  3. Connect the boundary wire to the mower’s charging station. Adjust wire tension if needed.
  4. Power up the charging station and synchronize the mower with the wireless connection. Set up wifi connectivity if using a smartphone app.
  5. Adjust the cutting height and any other settings like the cutting schedule. Most mowers are pre-programmed with initial settings.
  6. Perform a test run to ensure the mower operates and charges properly within the set boundaries.

Over time, the wire may need to be secured or adjusted. Boundaries can also be expanded to cover more ground if desired. Always consult the owner’s manual for proper installation and setup.

Maintaining Your Robot Mower

Robot mowers are low maintenance but do require periodic care to keep working their best. The owner’s manual provides a maintenance schedule. Basic upkeep includes:

  • Emptying the clipping basket after each mowing or as needed
  • Cleaning the mower’s underside, wheels and blade disc
  • Sharpening or replacing the blades once or twice per year
  • Clearing any grass or debris buildup
  • Checking wires and connections to make sure they are intact
  • Recharging the battery as recommended
  • Updating software if new versions are available
  • Checking for worn or damaged parts like belts or bearings and replacing if needed

Proper off-season storage is also important. Prepare the mower according to manufacturer guidelines. Always exercise caution and turn the mower off before any hands-on maintenance.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Robot Mower

Follow these tips and best practices to ensure an efficient, hassle-free experience with your robot lawn mower:

  • Read the owner’s manual thoroughly so you understand the proper operation, safety precautions, required maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Set a mowing schedule that provides adequate coverage but avoids over-mowing. Start with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Keep the perimeter wire path clear of obstructions and adjust as needed over time.
  • Don’t mow wet grass. Schedule mowing for dry conditions or use rain sensors if available for your model.
  • Use smart features like anti-theft alarms and GPS tracking when available. Store the mower in a secure place.
  • Download any companion smartphone apps to monitor progress and adjust settings remotely.
  • Consider hiring a pro for annual servicing to inspect systems and sharpen the blade.
  • Adjust the cutting height for seasonal variances in grass growth to maintain an ideal length.
  • Update landscaping over time for optimal performance. For example, trim ground-level obstructions.

The Joy of Automated Lawn Care

Robot lawnmowers are revolutionizing home and commercial landscaping. Advanced technology and programming eliminate tedious mowing chores so you can reclaim your free time. Consistent gentle mowing promotes lush grass. Smart features allow remote monitoring and control from your phone. Safety features give peace of mind your lawn is being cared for properly while you relax. While not inexpensive, robot mowers are a worthy investment in convenience for many homeowners.

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